Superman Returns

As I reluctantly entered the cinema films because I think comics never top. Unfortunately I had in the theater where I found no other choice. I hoped for a little amusing action, but was faced with a terrible long liefdesdrama alternated with the maatse action often consisting of a terrible neppe overview shot prosecuted by a closeup of the word "studio" from druipt. It is the story terribly predictable and onorgineel. At the time that what acting between the plastic effects could come and see, is there not even a nice oneliner or a romantic sense word said. There is really nothing good to say about this monstrosity.

The story than what explain: Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey, the only nice acteerprestatie) is the ultimate villain and wants to kryptonite a new continent found on the seabed crystals to grow. America will also reinforce the kloten. Superman is around the same time returned from a long space journey where he (unsuccessfully) was looking to his counterparts. Lois Lane (the impossible love of Superman) in return of the hero now married and has a child. Much of the film deals with the difficulties that arise as Lois must choose and the choice that Superman should not make the life of the child ruineren. All in all a huge schijtfilm where multiple people in the cinema fell asleep.

FX Acteren Sfeer Originaliteit Totaal
3.5 4 5 1 2.5

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Superman Returns
Superman Returns
Superman Returns

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