Lust for a Vampire

The second part of the Karnstein Trilogy, following The Vampire Lovers, followed by Twins of Evil. Unlike its predecessor, it's  not based on any of Sheridan Le Fanu's works, but only uses some characters created by the author. Ingrid Pitt, who had played Carmilla, the lesbian vampire in the first movie, fell out with the producers and was replaced by Yutte Sternsgaard, a Danish model (1); she has a memorable scene in which she rises from the grave dressed in no more than a few bloodstained rags (but note that the publicity photos are more revealing than the actual scene in the movie!).

The blood of an innocent young girl is used to bring a new female member of the Karnstein family back to life. This time her name is Marcilla instead of Carmilla, and she's sent, by her uncle, Count Karnstein, to a boarding school where upper class girls are turned into upper class ladies. Virtually everybody is put under her spell, including a young novelist, who doesn't believe in vampires, but has planned to write a book about them and is therefore doing some research near the Karnstein Castle. Soon girls start disappearing, but Carmilla is interested in both sexes, and her bi-sexuality has an unsuspected side-effect: she falls in love with the young author ...

When it was first released many fans thought it was needlessly silly, merely a  parody on what Hammer used to do. Mike Raven, who plays the Count, is Christopher Lee's spitting image and there are so many bare breasts on display, that some suggested that Hammer had turned to soft core sex comedy. Today the film has a cult following but it still divides fans of the Studio; hardcore fans who prefer the early Hammer productions (from the late fifties, early sixties) won't be pleased, but those who think these early movies are a bit heavy-handed, might like it. It's not very scary (and refrains from the excessive violence of the first entry) but the decision to give the lovely vampire some humane feelings, adds a lovely touch to the familiar story material.



* She left acting and modeling in 1972, moved to the US and became a devoted Christian; for years she refused to discuss her acting career. However, in recent years she has given a couple of interviews and in 2009 her photo appeared on the cover of a book about horror movies.  

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6.5 6 7 6.5 6.5

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Lust for a Vampire
Lust for a Vampire
Lust for a Vampire
Lust for a Vampire

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