A Lonely Place to Die

A group of mountaineers are having the time of their life in the Scottish Highlands, but when they make a walk in the woods, they find a little girl, trapped in a small underground chamber. The girl speaks a foreign language, identified by one of them as Serbian, and was most probably kidnapped; they set her free and try to bring her to safety, but soon the kidnappers are on their trail, willing to kill everybody who comes between them and the ransom money. That's not the entire story: the girl's father is a war criminal and has a couple of surprises for the kidnappers.

A Lonely Place to Die

This is an enjoyable little thriller of the cat-and-mouse type, gritty and nasty. The cinematography of the Highlands is breathtaking, and we get some of the most convincing tumbling scenes in recent memory, but there are a few drawbacks: the movie tells its story in fits and starts and some of the twists and turns may feel a little artificial. However, it delivers the thrills and what makes it really worth watching, is the suspenseful, ultra-violent finale, set in a small Scottish town during a festival. Melissa George is a good heroin, but Sean Harris and Stephen McCole steal the show as two of the most ruthless kidnappers in film history (and they do meet their match).

FX Acteren Sfeer Originaliteit Totaal
7.5 7 7 6.5 7

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A Lonely Place to Die

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