Bullets over Broadway

One of Woody’s critically most acclaimed films from the second half of his career, set in the 1920's, about a young, pretentious (but not very talented) playwright, who gets the chance to stage his latest play at Broadway, when a gangster is willing to finance it. He’ll even be able to attract some aging stars (over their peak, but still big names), such as a Gloria Swanson like diva and a ladies man who also happens to be a compulsive eater. There’s one catch: The gangster boss wants his talentless, brainless, but very demanding girlfriend to have a part in it. On the set she causes all possible troubles, but she’s accompanied by a gorilla with a unexpected talent …

Indeed a fine movie, but not as good as some thought it was. It hardly covers new ground, basically this is Woody in his Fellini mode, seasoned with his typical showbiz gags, a little more lighthearted here, a bit more disturbing there. Stardust Memories meets Broadway Danny Rose. Co-written by Douglas McGrath, but I have no idea what his input was, it all looks and sounds very Woody, very Allen.

The Film lacks a strong narrative backbone and most characters are caricatures, but a cast of fine actors, great period detail and witty dialogue make up for that. Weakest link is Cusack, as Woody’s alter ego. Woody himself was in his late fifties when he made it, and therefore too old to play a young director who’s seduced by an aging actress, but he’s sorely missed. The other actors are all excellent, Dianne Wiest, Chaz Palminteri and Jennifer Tilly al were nominated for an Oscar. It was Dianne Wiest who walked away with it, but to me Jennifer Tilly is the real standout as the bitchy gangster moll Olive, who thinks black pearls come from rotten oysters.

FX Acteren Sfeer Originaliteit Totaal
8 7 6 7

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Bullets over Broadway
Bullets over Broadway
Bullets over Broadway

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