I senza Dio (Thunder Over El Paso)


Minnesota, who makes a living as a bountyhunter, meets a criminal who has a price on his head. Because he can use this smalltime crook, he decides not to turn him in. The crook, El Santo, is going to help him find a killer who goes by the name of Corbancho. Corbancho has stolen 20 cases of gold, and the two make a deal to split the loot between them, if they can capture Corbancho. Things are however much more complicated than they imagined. Not only is the sheriff involved in the conspiracy, but also a judge and his beautiful girlfriend. It is especially the girlfriend that brings El Santo into trouble. The final twist however, is much more surprising than one can imagine. A very exciting western.

Translated from the Sunrise Tapes VHS release by Yahhrrrrm 13:20, 18 February 2009 (UTC).


The tape

Thunder Over El Paso is number 20 in the red, first issued, series of Sunrise Tapes. As should be the case with rental tapes, the tape stock used (Fuji) is of great quality and, after more than two decades, still provides for fine viewing. The film is presented in widescreen, and looks as if to be cropped very little or not at all. The picture lacks a certain sharpness, most probably caused by the transfer and/or the source material used. Nevertheless I'd give it a 7 out of 10 concerning picture quality, as there is little picture disturbance otherwise. The subtitles are small and in Dutch. The size of the subtitles makes them hard to read, but also makes it a mere minor nuissance regarding visual pollution. The sound is fine, with the occasional crackling to be heard. An English dub was used. This release appears to be uncut.

The film

Chris Avram and Antonio Sabato team up in this pleasant lightweight spaghetti western. The simple, but elegant score by Carlo Savina sets the tone for this entertaining, yet routine film directed by Roberto Bianchi. The scenario displays few novelties, but in the end the film is tied up satisfyingly enough with a little surprise. As all involved were craftsmen enough to make it work, the familiar plot is no setback. On the contrary; it feels comfortable and allows for the spaghetti infected brain to go into leisure mode. While the film boasts a sufficient amount of gunplay, there is some fun to be had with bad guy José Jaspe. His ugliness is compensated by Erika Blanc and Pilar Velázquez who are the lovely señoritas of service.

FX Acteren Sfeer Originaliteit Totaal
6 6 7 5 6.5

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I senza Dio (Thunder Over El Paso)
I senza Dio (Thunder Over El Paso)
I senza Dio (Thunder Over El Paso)

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