Yahhrrrrm: heb de toxic vangers erbij gezet. deeltje 4 komt ook nog.
Yahhrrrrm: Zal hem erbij zetten. Had een Marvel comic.
Boobema: superheldenfilm?
Yahhrrrrm: updated. deel 2 komt er ook aan.
Yahhrrrrm: Allied Troma version Approximately 20:00s unofficial pre-cuts when submitted in 1996 In response to a query to the BBFC: Toxic Avenger was never actually cut by the BBFC. However, the version submitted to us was heavily pre-cut by the distributors before it was sent in. The version classified (without cuts) by the Board runs at about 75 minutes, whereas the full version runs about 90 minutes. From what we understand a number of sequences of gore and violence were toned down throughout and a scene involving the use of chainsticks was also removed because, at the time, it was well known that the Board did not allow the use of these weapons in films). It is entirely possible that it might be possible to classify a stronger version of the film now - perhaps even the full version, but we cannot say for sure without a formal resubmission. It appears that the pre-cuts were as follows: Dialogue cut heavily from the scene in the locker room, where Slug, and Wanda talk about hit-and-run pedestrians. Slug, and Wanda screwing, is briefly shortened. Heavily cut; the famous head-crushing. The hit-and-run kid moving, and the crew backing up with the car, and crushing his head, and Wanda and Julie going out to take pictures of the corpse, and then the crew driving away, are all cut out in a row. Shinbone alley; Cigarface kicking O`Clancy, who`s on the ground. Shinbone alley; Toxie repeatedly punching Cigarface, lasts longer. Shinbone alley; Toxie bashing Knuckles` nose off, is cut out. Shinbone alley; Toxie gouging the transvestite thug`s eyes, is completely cut out. Shinbone alley; Knucles passing out. Shinbone alley; Toxie punching Cigarface into the barrel, is shortened. Shinbone alley; Toxie bashing Knuckles, and the transvestite thug`s heads together, is no more. Taco-bar; Leroy shotgunning a guy, is reduced. Taco-bar; the shot man squirming on the floor. Taco-bar; Frank ripping Sarah`s panties off, and some dialogue, like I did always wanted to poke me a blind bitch. Taco-bar; Frank`s hand-stump splattering blood. Taco-bar; Frank trying to get up from the floor, with his one hand only. Taco-bar; Toxie stuffing Frank to the oven, is shortened. Taco-bar; a brief body shot of Leroy`s mangled face, is gone. Taco-bar; a shot of a dead dog is deleted. And a bunch of dialogue has also gone for continuity. A brief close-up of Rico`s boiled hands, is deleted. The drug-dealer`s body squirming around in the weight machine, along with a juicy close-up of the mangled head, is no more. Wanda`s ass boiling, is shortened. Toxie ducking down, and making a thug slash his friend, and Toxie pushing a thug`s knife to its owner, have been completely deleted. Cigarface squirming after he`s shot, is no more. Slug beating the old granny with her cane has been cut from four hits to just one. When Toxie nears the mayor, flashbacks of a close-up of Frank`s arm being pulled off, and the weight machine murder (now shown from a more grisly angle), have been cut out. The mayor digging his own guts, is reduced. The body shot of the dead mayor, is omitted Temporarily and accidentally sold in an uncut recording when first released Available in an unrated "director`s cut" that contains an additional 23 minutes which is available via UK Amazon. I am not convinced that the stand alone DVD is in fact the advertised directors cut. The best bet seems to be the box set